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How to Design My Brewhouse If I Have a Limited Space?

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How to design my brewhouse if I have a limited space?


Brewman suggest your a compact brewhouse if you have space limitation.

What is a compact beer brewhouse? It combined mash lauter tun and whirlpool tank in one.

Mash tun and lauter tun at top, while whirlpool tank at bottom. 

The gravity allows wort lautering naturally without pump. 

Thus to avoid wort pump pull force too big and cause false bottom out of shape.

The kettle tank can play a role as boiling and hot water tank. So it is a good solutions for limited space.

stacked fv

Please inform brewhouse your roof height to design the brewhouse, 

as the combined brewhouse is a little higher than standard tanks. 

The brewhouse design should also consider the input of barley grain malts, too thin or too thick grain bed 

is not good for wort lautering.

 stacked fermenters

If your roof available, we can also design the fermentation tank and brite tank as stacked tanks to save space room.

If the roof not available for a compact brewhouse, 

most brewers will choose instant heater workable for sparging water and mash brewing water in a nanobrewery.

Please share your experiences and better suggestions for small brewery space.

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