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Is the Carbonation Stone Necessary For a Fermentation Tank?

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Is the Carbonation Stone Necessary For a Fermentation Tank?


Beer fermentation cycle includes primary fermentation and 

secondary / maturation fermentation. 

Those two stages separately happen in a primary fermentation tank and a bright beer tank. 

Some breweries combine the two stages in one same fermentation unitanks, thus reducing the brewery starting cost.


As we know, the important process in bright beer tank is carbonation beer. 

So that requires a carbonation device in the conical fermenters.

So brewman will often suggest you to add a carbonation port if you do not have brite beer tanks. 

We call it unitank as it combined fermenting and maturing.


Maybe you will ask why not add a carbonation stone for standard fermentation tank?

 As we all know, the yeast will propagate and grow in cylinder conical fermenter tank. 

There might have some yeast sediment adhering to the carbonation stone after primary fermentation. 

Those yeast is difficult to be cleaned without taking out the carbonation stone. 

Yeast sediment will more or less take some affect on the beer tasting.


In the way, Brewman design the carbonation stone with tri-clamp connection. 

So it is easy to take out and clean properly. 

So how to clean carbonation stone from Brewman?
Brewman carbonation stone is 0.45um in precision . 

It should be cleaned once every 2-3 batches. 
The cleaning process is as follows:
1) Clean it with clean water first. 
2) 1-3%NaOH water to soak 30-60mins
3) And then wash by clean water until the PH is neutral

Please note, do not use acid to clean the carbonation stone, as the acid is easy to react with corrode the carbonation stone

carbonation stone cleaning

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