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Turkey 2000L Beer Fermentation Tank

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2000L Fermentation Tank and 100l hop gun in Turkey

Customer was planned their expansion by adding fermentation tank in 2021.

Luckily we have a chance to help build the 2000L fermentation tank.

Please review this project with Brewman and share with us your ideas and suggestions.

Part I: Brewery starting consulting, proposal communication and customized brewery system layout and tank drawing via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system.

The main configurations of brewery mainly include:

2sets 2000L Fermentation Tank with front manhole(interior mirror polishing, 

1set 100L Hop Gun

Fermentation Control Cabinet

Part II: Manufacturing of 2000L fermentation tank and 100l hop gun

2000L FV jacket

Part III: Interior Mirror Finish of 2000L fermentation tank and 100l hop gun

port polishing

Mirror polishing

2000L FV (3)

2000L FV (4)

hop gun (1)

hop gun (2)

Part III: Shipping of 2000L fermentation tank and 100l hop gun

All fermentation tanks are loaded and shipped in one 40feet container.

fermentation unitank shipping

shipping beer fermenter

Part IV: 2000l fermentation tank Installation in Turkey

Part V: Expect to their first batch beer.

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