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What Are The Benefits Of Having a Grist Case In a Brewery?

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What Are The Benefits Of Having a Grist Case In a Brewery?

If you plan to brew multiple batches over a day, 

a grist case gives you an accurate solution for getting your grist weights correct

 if using larger malt bags (ton bags) or even a grain silo. 

With larger grist cases, the legs can be mounted on load cells giving you the ability 

to weigh out correct amounts of grain before sending for milling/into mash tun.

What' s the advantages to add a grist case?

1) Hydrator process could be regraded as a pre-mashing process. 

It can facilitate starch convert into sugar. 

As a result, the time for mashing process will be shortened, 

in the meantime, more sugar could be extracted, this will increase yield.

2) It can avoid the grist stacking in the mash tun, this will require less energy used for stirring.

3) Reduction of stirring could help to keep whole husk, this will shorten the time for lautering and make the wort clearer.

4) It can avoid grist contact with dust and air which will reduce the oxidation.

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