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What Is Hop Doser?

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What Is Hop Doser?

hop doser is a popular fermenter accessories in beer fermentation. 

It typically sit atop of the fermentation tank and allow to purge the air out 

of your hops before dropping them into your unitanks.

Oxygen is the enemy of your beer's fresh flavors and hop character. 

So it is very important to avoid introducing oxygen during dry hopping. 

A hop doser will help you maintain your craft beer's hop character longer and keep the hop flavor and aroma brighter.

Dry hopping

The hop doser should includes a 4" butterfly valve that attaches your fermenter's 4" dry hopping port. 

Each fermenter should have one 4'' butterfly valve, but many fermenters can share one hop doser.

Depending the brewery roof, hops quantities, we have 5L, 10L, 15L and 20L hop doser for option.

hop doser 1hop doser

Contact with Brewman and get our suggestion about the capacity of hop doser.

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