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What Sparging Nozzle is Good for My Lauter Tun?

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What Sparging Nozzle is Good for My Lauter Tun?

What is sparging nozzle? It is used for sparging process of brewhouse.

It is used to sparging the residual sugar after wort lautering.

If often happen in lauter tun, sometimes, the combined mash/lauter tank to save cost.

As sugar is thick and stick, so it is very important to choose a powerful sparging nozzle. 

So we can improve our malt extraction rate.

At eariler stage, brewman use the sparging nozzle as below photo.

But it often block by small impurity, and it is not easy to clean it, as the hole is very small.

Sparging nozzle during lautering (3)

After testing and brewing experience of our brewers, we finally choose below type.

It is has a stronger power than the last one, and it is very easy to clean and keep sanitary.

That is very important for a brewery, pub beer.


Sparging nozzle during lautering (2)

lauter tank spargingSparging brewhouse

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