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What Connection Should I Choose For My Glycol Inlet and Outlet of Fermenter and Brite Tank?

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What Connection Should I Choose For My Glycol Inlet and Outlet of Fermentation Tanks and Brite Tanks?

What is glycol jacket inlet and outlet? As we all know beer fermentation will produce heat and become warm.

The glycol jacket inlet and outlet are for glycol water recycling in fermenter and brite tank to ensure the fermentation temp.

But what types glycol jacket inlet and outlet is suitable for my brewery?

Brewman have many designs for glycol jacket inlet and outlet for FVs and BBTs.

One is G thread female and male thread connection. 

That is very popular and our standard glycol connection. 

It is Female G thread, it can connect with PPR pipeline and PEX pipeline. It can used to most areas.

glycol in G thread

glycol outlet G thread

The second one is NPT thread connection. That kind connection is popular among North America and 

some areas in South America like Chile. But for those areas, we normally do not equip pipelines, 

as it is not easy to find NPT thread in China.

And to avoid the different standards, we often suggest brewery brewers to choose tri clamp type glycol inlet and outlet.

Please check more details in the third design for Fermenter glycol in and out.

NPT thread female

NPT thread PT100

The third one is tri clamp connection. It is our new design for fermenter and glycol inlet.

This type connection is very good in function. If you want to change to stainless steel connection, it is very easy.

If you prefer PPR connection or UPVC connection, it is very easy to connect an adptor.

glycol jacket inlet

PT100 tri clamp design

Contact with Brewman, let us know your ideas on glycol inlet and outlet.

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