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What is Grist Case?

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What is Grist Case?

Grist case are cracked grain storage vessels. 

It is positioned between the grain mill and the brewhouse, grist cases stage grain before mash and after milling.

The grist case can storage the grained malt intermediary, prior to introduction into the mash tun. 

This allows the mill to work slowly and steadily to save the brewer’s waiting time. 

When it is time to mash, the grist can be discharged all at once and the mill can begin working on the next batch. 

So grist cases are necessary for most microbreweries.

There are a number of different configurations available for grist cases.

They can be placed on the ground of milling room next to the brewhouse.

A malt mill can either be mounted directly above or split into stages of milling and grist collection. 

This give the brewer the ability to run the mill and achieve the perfect crush of all grains before starting the mash. 

Once finished milling, the brewer can then engage an auger system to deliver the grist directly to the mash tun.

They can also be mounted above the mash tun.

This would be delivering the grist to a case mounted above the mash tun, providing quicker mash in times.

When brewing multiple batches of the same recipe, grist cases can be placed on or hung from load cells, 

allowing you to weigh out the grist directly from the vessel.

Brewman can customize stainless steel grist cases come in any size desired. 

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