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What Electricity Should We Choose For My Brewery?

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What Electricity Should Choose For My Brewery?

Different countries have different electric supply.

For example,

3 phase 380V 50Hz is common in Europe,

3 phase 220v 60hz is for America,

3 phase 208v 60Hz is popular for Canada,

3 phase 415V 50hz for Australia,

3 phase 380V 60Hz for South Korea

3 phase 200V 60Hz for Japan and so on.

Electricity of brewing tank

But what electricity should we choose fo my brewery? Compare to single phase civil electricity, 

Brewman recommend the 3 phase industrial electricity for brewery equipment for below reasons.

1) 3 phase industrial power is more stable than single phase.

Especially we suggest 3 phase electricity for rake motor, pump, miller and chiller. Stable electric supply is good for miller and chiller running, which will extend their lift-time.

2) The single phase power consumption is 20-30% higher than 3 phase.

3 phase can save much electricity cost.

3) The customized cost of single phase motor and pump is more expensive than three phase.

Some brewery controlling elements are not easy to find single phase type.

So we would suggest 3 phase power for the brewery equipment.

Surely we can custom the 1 phase electric supply for you if it is really hard for you to get 3 phase locally. Contact with Brewman and share your ideas with us.

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