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What Is The Advantages Of Mash/Lauter &Whirlpool Tun And Kettle Tank(MLT+KT)?

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What Is The Advantages Of Mash/Lauter &Whirlpool Tun And Kettle Tank(MLT+KT)?

The brewers often consider many factors In the actual process of beer brewing. 

So different brewers have different requirements on brewery equipment.

The combination of “Mash/Lauter &Whirlpool tun and Kettle tank” is popular among brewpub brewers recently. 

Why so many brewers choose the configuration of “Mash/Lauter &Whirlpool tun and Kettle tank”? What advantages does it have?

1) The most important advantages is the combination of “Mash/Lauter &Whirlpool tun and Kettle tank”( compact brewhouse) save space. 

As we all know, brewpub need to leave enough room for tables, so we might have to limit room for brewery. 

This combination is a compact brewhouse, which save much space for brewpub.

For good location brewpub, save space means save money.

Compact brewhouse (3)

2) The compact brewhouse have whirlpool at the bottom of Mash/Lauter tank, 

this design can achieve nature/gravity lautering. 

Nature lautering can protect the filter of lauter tank, which is better than pump force. 

We suggest to have a wort grant for buffering when using pump force.

5bbl brewhouse (1)

3) The compact brewhouse can achieve fly sparging with two pumps, sparging during lautering process. 

That can save much time for lautering, as we all know, the lautering time is much longer.

4) The compact brewhouse can adopt any heating for kettle tun. 

We do not have to worry the electric elements will affect the whirlpool process.

5) The kettle tank can be as a function of hot water tank, which save cost during very beginning

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