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What Keg Filler Should I Choose If I Have Limited Budget?

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What Keg Filler Should I Choose If I Have Limited Budget?

Keg filler is also called keg filling machine, which is used for serving beer with a micro matic dispenser. 

While the dispenser have A/S/M/D/G Micro Matics spear for option.

And the keg dispenser have tri clamp type, thread type and hose end type for connection.

Brewman have automatic keg filler( 1 head and 2 heads) and manual keg filler(4 heads, 6 heads and 8 heads).

The automatic keg filler is fast and efficient. Sure, their price is also higher.

1 head filling capacity 50-60kegs per hour(30L keg) while 2 heads can fill 100-120 pcs per hour.

For small brewery, brewpub and nano brewery system, how does we fill kegs? 

Brewman suggest 4 heads manual keg filler for you.

This 4 station keg filling manifold gives the brewer the ability to fill 4 kegs per fill cycle. 

keg filler coupler

You can also use it for DIY keg cleaning. Brewman also can customize 4 heads, 6 heads and 8 heads.

manual keg filling machine

And we also suggest you a plate for placing the keg dispenser.

Some brewers might also need a beer keg fob stop valve and a CO2 pressure relief valve.

The beer keg stopping valve allows brewer to multi-task while filling beer kegs in the brewery. Automatically stops when the keg is full.

The other valve is to relieve the CO2 pressure before you introduce the beer.

keg coupler

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