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What Pressure Gauge Should I Choose For My Fermentation Tank?

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What Pressure Gauge Should I Choose For My Fermentation Tank?

What is pressure gauge? Pressure gauge is used to tell brewers the pressure in the fermentation tank. 

We know fermentation tank have a rating operation tank, too high pressure is not good for tank service time, 

someone might think we have PVRV on fermentation tank. But what if the PVRV has something wrong. 

So the pressure gauge is very important to protect fermentation tank.

In conclusion, a quality pressure gauge is very necessary. 

Brewman use quality gauge that's filled with food grade glycerin. 

The glycerin fluid helps absorb any impacts and prevents the needle from reading incorrectly.

Besides, Brewman pressure gauge have negative pressure(-15 PSI) 

which is designed to protect tank and check problem once the negative pressure occurs.

pressure gauge (2)

The sanitary design underneath on pressure gauge is very necessary for fermentation tank.

pressure gauge (3)

A small but very important point, the pressure gauge scale should be divided reasonable. 

For example, Brewman scale have 15 scales for every 15 PSI. It is much easier for brewers to read it.

pressure gauge (1)

Also Brewman think tri clamp connection is very necessary for pressure gauge.

pressure gauge (2)

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