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What Should Pay Attention During Wort Lautering?

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What Should Pay Attention During Wort Lautering?


As we know, various factors should be considered during wort lautering, such as malt quality,

Target wort concentration, lautering temperature, 

the thickness of grain bed, mash ph, lautering operation and etc. 

We should try to eliminate or bring down the negative effect that brings by various factors.


1. The malt quality

The malt with good dissolution and milling degree can achieve a better lautering.


2. Target wort concentration

We all know the higher target wort concentration requires a higher mash concentration. 

While the mash with higher concentration will have a higher viscosity, 

which will make the wort with poor fluidity and slow lautering speed. 

It is better to make the concentration of the first wort at 16-18°P(not exceed 20°P) 

if we brew 600L wort with 600l brewhouse. 

So we should well control the ratio of the material and water, 

we need a bigger capacity tank if we want to achieve a higher wort concentrate. 

For example, we can brew 600L wort with a 1000l brewhouse.


3.The lautering temperature

The mash at higher temperature have a lower viscosity, and the higher temperature can loose grain bed , 

both of them will speed up the lautering. 

According to our experience, the lautering temperature between76-78℃ is the suitable temperature, 

which is the final mashing temperature.


4.The grain bed thickness

As we all know, the grain bed is suggested between 30-40cm, max cannot exceed 45cm. 

Too thin or too thicker is not good for lautering. 

Too thicker will prolong the lautering time, which is not good for lautering, 

while too thinner will be difficult to get clear wort. 

The best thickness of grain bed is suggested about 35cm, 

which can achieve a good lautering effect.


5.The mash ph

The hydrogen ion concentration will effect the mash viscosity 

and the colloidal substance in grain, the PH between 5.5-5.8 will help for wort filtration, 

higher ph will lower the lautering speed.


6.The lautering operation

The last but very important, the operation of brewers during beer mashing 

also has big influence for the lautering speed, so brewers should control the wort outflow speed, 

proper refluxing time, the grain rake speed etc. 

That is why brewman have VFD control for all rake, agitator and pump. 

That design can avoid many mistake operation.

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